Our Brand New Releases

Mixed Bag A Mixed bag is a unique collection of three books that covers phonics, phonic drills, conversation, conversation based activities and EVS. It is a comprehensive series that also teaches shapes, body parts, good manners, importance of cleanliness, basic courtesy, importance of planting trees, self introduction, greeting elders, classroom rules, food that we eat, etc… Read More 


“Practice makes a man perfect.” This year, we have come out with an innovative set of ready to practice books, 6 for English , 6 for Hindi and 6 for Mathematics. These books are further divided into parts 1,2, 3,4,5 and 6. English 1 & 2 are for the students of Nursery, teaching them pattern… Read More 


ART CHAMPS A-8 “Art enables us to find & lose ourselves, all at once!” Every child is an artist and to nurture that quality, we have come out with a brand new, Art & Craft series called the ‘Art Champs’. Art Champs is a beautiful series of 11 books, 3 for the pre-primary, 5 for… Read More 


TECHKNOWLEDGE SERIES 1-8 Techknowledge series is a comprehensive collection of 8 books and VCDs for the classes, 1to 8. These books have been carefully designed keeping in view the basic requirement of the young children in the field of computer education. The contents of these books contain all the latest trends in the field of… Read More