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Mixed bag is a unique collection of three books that covers phonics, phonic drills, conversation, conversation based activities and EVS. It is a comprehensive series that also teaches shapes, body parts, good manners, importance of cleanliness, basic courtesy, importance of planting trees, self introduction, greeting elders, classroom rules, food that we eat, etc. Mixed bag A is suitable for the students of Nursery and B & C are made keeping in mind, the students of Kindergarten 1 & 2 respectively.

Mixed Bag A   Mixed Bag B   Mixed Bag C

“Technology makes the world a brand new place!”

Techknowledge   Techknowledge   Techknowledge   Techknowledge

Techknowledge series is a comprehensive collection of 8 books and VCDs for the classes, 1 to 8. These books have been carefully designed keeping in view the basic requirement of the young children in the field of computer education. The contents of these books contain all the latest trends in the field of computer development and education. Topics, such as the new age digital gadgets, LOGO, Internet, Cyber Crime, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Corel Draw, MS Office, Basic, C++, Java, Windows 10 etc, are all a part of this series with an extensive practical exposure, interesting projects, exercises, and lots of laboratory practice. The VCDs are all full of interactive exercises and activities , making learning an enjoyable experience.

“An ounce of practice is worth more than a tonne of preaching.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Small Steps Series   Small Steps Series   Small Steps Series   Small Steps Series

Practice makes a man perfect! Every practice is a learning experience. For that, we have come out with an innovative set of ready to practice books, 6 for english , 6 for hindi and 6 for mathematics.
These books are further divided into parts 1,2, 3,4,5 and 6.

English 1 & 2 are for the students of Nursery, teaching them pattern writing and giving ample of exercises to practice the same. They learn to draw straight, sleeping, wavvy and zig-zag lines, curvy lines, etc. In part 2 , they are introduced to the capital letters A to Z and small letters a to z along with the latest activities, reinforcing the entire learning the in the most effective manner.

Maths 1 & 2 are also for the students of Nursery, teaching them the first ten numbers and then the first twenty numbers, with the help of various activities that help in the number recognition enabling them to write them effectively.

Hindi 1& 2 nanhe baalako ko leti rekha , khadi rekha tatha hindi akshar sikhane mein madad karte hain. In sabhi aksharo ka abhyas tatha sanshodhan,vibhin prakaar ki gatividhiyo ke maadhyam se sucharu roop se karaya jata hai.

English 3 & 4 are for the students of Lower Kindergarten. These have a revision of small letters a to z and the activities aroud it. They also introduce the kids to the 2-letter words followed by 3 letter words and subsequently the 4-letter words. Children learn the concepts of Vowels and Consonants that are taught with the help of colour coding, sight words and lots of interesting phonic drills, helping in the overall speech development and the ability to pronounce words.

Maths 3 & 4 are also for the students of Lower Kindergarten. They get a good revision of the numbers 1 to 10 followed by learning numbers from 20 to 35 and then 36 to 50. They also get introduced to writing numbers in words and get to do many interesting activities based on the latest concepts.

Hindi 3 & 4 nanhe vidyarthi ka sucharu roop se aksharo ka sanshodhan karate hain. Ve vibhin prakaar ke vyanjano tatha swaro ke baare mein padte hain tatha saral 2 akshar, 3 akshar or 4 akshar shabdo ko padhna seekhte hain.

English 5& 6 are for the students of Senior Kindergarten. In this, they get to revise vowels, consonants and phonetics with the help of various drills and sight words, etc.
They also get introduced to rhyming words, opposite words, joining words, concept of ‘I am’ and ‘You are’, ‘There’ and “Here”, sounds of ‘Ght’, ‘Sh’, ‘Wh’,etc.
All the above concepts are taught with the help of brand new and absolutely unusual activities as well as exercises.

Maths 5 & 6 are also for the students of Senior Kindegarten. They are given a quick revision of the numebrs from 1 to 50. They are further taught numbers from 50 to 75 and then from 76 to 100. They also learn many new important concepts, such as, ascending and descending order, greater and smaller than,addition, subtraction, basic multiplication, different shapes,such as cones, hexagon, heart and star, etc. They are introduced to the tables from 1 to 5.

All the above concepts are taught with the help of mixed sums, innovative activities and lots of interesting exercises, helping them to understand them in the easiest possible way.

Hindi 5 & 6 bhaago mein vidyarthi hindi maatrao, barakhadi, ityadi padte hain or vibhin prakaar ki gatividhiyon, kahaniyo tatha saral kavitaon ke maadhyam se padhne or likhne ka abhyas karte hain.