About Us

Ever Onward Publishers, founded in 2008 is a leading educational books publishing company specialising in pre-primary and primary books. Our books are innovative as well as easy, modern as well as practical, designed especially for the young school going children who have just begun their adventure in the realm of education.

What makes a good book? This is the question we have constantly answered while writing, designing and creating our books. We have tried to incorporate the simplest day-to-day activities, pictures, graphics and language in the content of each book, keeping in view what the young children are most likely to encounter and perform in their everyday routine, making the entire exercise of learning easy, friendly, naturally scientific and strain-free.

Our approach has always been “less is more” – we aim to be selective in what we publish, to ensure that every project has the right values, sustainable human development as well as child appeal. We strive to bring art and reading to today‚Äôs children in such a way that it cultivates their own creativity and thinking ability.

But what truly sets us apart from other companies is our commitment towards the cause of education. Apart from being associated with the leading schools of the country, we are actively involved with various NGOs across the nation. We truly believe that education is the only key to the future!

The authors of our books have hands-on experience of school education and the entire effort, which has gone into creating our books, is based on the inputs and feedback we receive from their wide experience and expertise. It is, therefore, we feel that books from “Ever Onward…Publishers” are in a class of their own, a cut above the rest and deservedly warrant a good definitive look.